Major International Construction Firm Automates Orders & AP Process – Utilizing both OnBase and JD Edwards through RST

One of the world's leading project development and construction groups – concentrated on selected home markets in North America and multiple European countries. With a focus on green construction, ethics,occupational health and safety, offering competitive solutions – not least for the most complex assignments.

Customer Challenge Presented to RST Solutions:
The customer wanted to reduce its use of paper – primarily faxed orders and Accounts Payable documents – to develop a paper-bypass workflow solution that would easily integrate both into existing business processes workflow and with JD Edwards, within multi-location environments. AP departments should not count on the continued decline of paper invoices alone to move them towards their objectives. Matured Workflow and Integration with Core ERP system was also key.

In addition, the customer’s paper-based environment hindered Accounts Payable workflow. Staff manually sorted invoices based on vendor name, distributed them to customers’ representatives and forwarded to an area manager (via either interoffice mail or hand delivery). Once approved, the invoices were entered into the Accounts Payable system and a check was generated. This laborious process led to missed opportunities of vendor discounts – and also incurred continuous late fees

RST Custom Solution:

RST Solutions built Interfaces with OnBase to create a Unified Global Business Process.
The customer now benefits both from a process and time perspective – with invoices electronically converted, captured and content-checked against account data in JD Edwards – and workflow routed to the appropriate personnel. All information is passed through the custom built interface to automate the Voucher creation and Voucher Match Process.

The entire process is now completely automated, helping speed payment receipt, capturing discounts in live time and improving cash flow.