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    SSE is a web based e-commerce solution built using open source technology foundations, which transforms your EnterpriseOne into a real-time Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) solution. SSE is an easy-to-use tool, which creates a secure environment that allows Self Service capabilities to your Customers.

    This e-commerce software solution allows you to easily create orders. Orders are input into the system through an easy-to-use interface or by uploading the flat files that contain order details. Once the order is successfully created in EnterpriseOne or OneWorld, an email confirmation is sent to the user. Customers can easily track their orders and provide updates, eliminating any costly errors. SSE provides the ability to view shipments and receive payments from customers 24/7. With its industry standards-based open architecture, it supports shipping carrier interfaces and payment gateways of your choice, giving you unprecedented flexibility for a long time to come.

    Furthermore, relieving your staff from order entry duties allows you to be better utilize your staff in serving the customer with a greater focus on higher customer satisfaction. With the scalability of SSE and the fact that the future was in mind when it was being built, the worry that the program will be obsolete in a short period of time does not have to be a worry at all. Other worries are eliminated, such as the high cost that is associated with e-commerce software that does not integrate well into existing enterprise system. You also do not have to utilize different programs with no synergies to one another in order to have all of the desired features. Everything is in one place on one common foundation.

    Through SSE , you are provided with the ability to receive orders and payments from customers 24 x 7, 365 days a year. In turn, you empower your customers with an e-commerce solution that provides them with the ability to build their orders easily. Customers that are empowered become loyal customers and loyal customers breathe life into your revenue stream. Having a seamless e-commerce software solution in place for them will drive your profits to the desired levels and beyond.

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    iDAPS, which is the Inventory Diagnostics and Planning Systems, is a tool for supply chain specialists. Use this easy-to-install dashboard to run diagnostics on critical supply chain metrics such as Inventory, Capacity, lead-time and demand management. With its advanced capabilities, it helps identify and solve tomorrow’s issues today. Current Oracle customers or anyone looking for a valuable decision dashboard can benefit from this very easy-to-install productivity tool. iDAPS could be a critical tool to help you embark on a journey of Lean transformations by identifying the excesses and shortcomings within your supply chain.Very complex computations are done for you, thus taking a lot of guesswork out of how much inventory is being consumed on a daily, weekly and annual basis. You are also able to evaluate how long a particular piece is staying on hand, as well as a number of other diagnostic functions necessary for future inventory planning. The task of ensuring that adequate quantities are in stock is made much easier. Not only is a lot of time saved in calculating the metrics of inventory, but a lot of money is saved due to a reduced margin for error. Furthermore, sales are not lost due to out-of-stock issues. This simple factor has a major impact on your company’s bottom line since out-of-stock products can be one of the primary causes of revenue loss.

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    xTNDS is a web-based tool, which enhances the capabilities of your enterprise system. Built with prepackaged process integrations with EnterpriseOne and OneWorld, it gives you the capability to bring your domain specific business rules into the future releases of your back office system. The ability of this productivity tool to evolve into the future helps avoid time-consuming, costly, and complicated upgrades when changes must be made.Built on a secure and Robust Opensource Architecture, this upgrade tool provides the scalability and support for multiple releases of OneWorld and EnterpriseOne. xTNDS ensures that your investments in customs processes pay dividends for a long time to come. As your business grows, xTNDS is able to take care of the changing business needs, while providing superior customer services levels.

    With an enhanced user Interface, your business processes experience an increase in efficiency and effectiveness. Tasks such as entering orders and fulfilling them are made simpler.

    Orders can be entered, inquired upon, their statuses updated, and fulfilled in a fraction of the time it takes with the standard software process. This tool is an effective way to ensure productivity demands are met without the high cost associated with building and maintaining a highly customized system. Other benefits include lower TCO, a reduced margin for user error, and aids in the development and maintenance of more efficient business processes now and in the future.

    For more information please contact us at sales@rstsolutions.com.