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Simplify and Streamline Processes with BPA

BPA helps customers manage mission-critical processes and eliminate spreadsheets, emails, and busy work.

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BPA helps customers manage mission-critical processes and eliminate spreadsheets, emails, and busy work. Our solutions help standardize repetitive processes increasing accuracy and freeing up staff time.  In today's Global Economy compliance policies must be established and enforced, mitigating your risk of non-compliance. Our software makes it easy for everyone in your organization to measure success with simple tools.






Business Process Automation Use Cases


  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Expense Management

  • Month-End Close

Human Resources  

  • Employee Onboarding/Offboarding

  • Recruiting

  • Employee Evaluations

  • Employee Files


  • Sales Orders

  • Supply Chain

  • Order Fulfillment

  • Logistics



  • Contracts

  • Vendor Agreements

  • Maintain ISO Standards

  • Archive documents to regulated standards

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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation enables business professionals to easily configure software robots to automate repetitive, routine work between multiple systems. These “bots” work directly across application user interfaces, mimicking the actions a person would perform, including logging in and out of applications, copying and pasting data, opening emails and attachments, and filling out forms.


How does it work?

  • Capture Data

  • Manipulate Applications

Where to use RPA?

  • Highly Repetitive Tasks

  • Limited Variability Tasks


  • Free Employees to do High Value Tasks

  • Lower Error Rates than Humans

  • Bots never sleep

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Workflow automation is the digitization and automation of business processes to reduce manual labor and process inefficiencies. In addition, workflow design refers to the creation of these digital workflows.  When a business process has many steps, it can be difficult to eliminate bottlenecks, miscommunications and even mishandling of information. Workflow automation aids in removing human error, speeding up reviews and approvals, as well as providing insight into how you can improve these workflows going forward.

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Improve Decision-Making

with Real-Time Information

  • Launch dynamic business processes with one click from the web, desktop, or mobile clients

  • Provide step-by-step instructions to users involved in the process.

  • Update participants involved in a business process activity while the process is running

  • Display pending documents and actions required at various stages within a business process, increasing visibility, removing bottlenecks, and prompting a timely response.

  • Identify and correct performance issues by monitoring and analyzing the average time it takes for the process or part of the process to run, which steps took the longest and how long it took each participant to complete their tasks.

Accelerate organization-wide

document review and approval

  • Initiate processes, review documents, and make decisions from a central inbox.

  • Ensure tasks are completed on time with automatic, recurring notification emails.

  • Track the approval status of each document and who is working on it.

  • Enable concurrent review and approval for multiple users.

  • Automatically send notifications when a document is created, edited or deleted.



RST Solutions Integration services leverage the documents captured by ECM solutions more intelligently, relying on automation to identify data within an unstructured document or file source that conforms to data in structured Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) databases.  Integrating an ECM solution and other business systems with an ERP allows for intelligent capture platforms to validate the information they discover, essentially relying on the ERP as the system of record to ensure that any information in the document is correct.

Intelligent Capture

Intelligent Capture enables customers to capture physical and electronic documents efficiently and cost-effectively.  That information is available, easy to navigate and easy to secure on any device.  Our intelligent capture platforms can actually learn how to identify relevant data within a document like a vendor name or invoice amount.  This technology cuts the cost of capture and processing by reducing manual processes resulting in immediate return on investment for employees time!


Fully Automate your Accounts Payable (AP)

With AP Automation, Organizations can gain visibility into accounting and finance operations to make better, more informed decisions. Our solutions automate the entire accounts payable (AP) process to reduce risk and improve quality through consistent business rules and standardized workflow processes for PO and non-PO based invoices.

       Benefits Overview:

  • Efficient and Standardized Processes

  • Full Audit

  • Complete with 2/3 way match

  • Increased Accuracy

  • Eliminate invoice data entry

  • Effective Workflow

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