UX One

UX One is an interface into EnterpriseOne that provides a more intuitive, efficient, and effective way for users to perform their day-to-day tasks. Implemented on the EnterpriseOne home page through the Page Composer, the role-based UX One interface displays information from left to right into categories that follow an 'Alert, Analyze, and Act' paradigm.

Oracle provides several out-of-the-box UX One roles that are based on various business roles such as maintenance manager, strategic buyer, warehouse manager... just to name a few. You can use Page Composer to customize the shipped UX One content or create your own UX One role-based interfaces.

You can enhance the UX One experience with the Personalize Form feature and List View grid formats. The Personalize Form feature enables you to rename field labels and hide, resize, and reposition fields and controls in EnterpriseOne applications without the use of the Forms Design Aid developer tool. List View grid formats enable you to remove the clutter from an EnterpriseOne grid and display information in a way that it is compact and easier to find. When combined with the power of the role-based UX One interface, these additional features enable users to immediately access and act upon the fields, controls, and data necessary to perform their business tasks successfully.