JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud

1. Increase Business Agility








Achieve your business goals with the right cloud deployment options:

  • Go hybrid (public cloud, private cloud, on-premises). 

Speed up time to market:

  • Decrease time to develop new line of business. 

  • Decrease time to integrate acquisitions into your enterprise.

2. Maximize your Resources






  • Focus on innovation.

  • Evolve IT by doing more with less and creating competitive advantage.

  • Automate your data capture with IoT Cloud Service and JDE Orchestrator.

  • Manage your enterprise mobile processes with Mobile Cloud Service and JDE Mobile Applications.

3. Accelerate Deployment








Accelerate upgrade decisions and processes.

  • Deploy JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in just hours and explore new applications, new tools and technology.

Reduce complexity:

  • Quickly deploy your JD Edwards instances – development, test, production.

  • Easily migrate your configurations to the cloud.