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Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

RST Solutions is an Oracle Gold Partner, specializing in ERP Implementations, Oracle CX Cloud, ECM, Mobility, Managed Services and Digital Transformation.

Our experience and expertise provide the knowledge, both broad and deep, in most software and hardware environments.  RST develops solutions for your IT systems through developing an overall vision and then digitally transforming that vision into system solutions.  Our advanced programming abilities and techniques enable you to execute a project by providing everything you need under one roof.  Whether you need business process consultants, architects, advanced programmers or Quality Assurance testing, we have the expertise to deliver affordably.

We are proud to have a team of seasoned Functional and Technical Resources who have worked with numerous clients across industries on projects ranging from simple routine tasks to complex upgrades.  We bring to the table vast experience and technical expertise to ensure you are able to run your operations seamlessly.



JDE & Oracle Cloud


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UX One

Enhanced AJF


Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Enterprise Applications enable the mobile workforce to accelerate business execution on their device of choice. Users easily get up and running with a modern user interface and role-based, fit for purpose applications.

View this video to understand how EnterpriseOne applications are well positioned to leverage the capabilities of Samsung’s wearables and offer highly differentiated solutions to its customers. Wearables, especially smartwatches, are – unobtrusive and accessible, and provide greater access, letting users view alerts that need immediate attention.

Australian Agricultural Company, one of the largest producers of wagyu beef, leverage JDE to create a wearable app, leveraging JD Edwards system powered by Oracle, that improved livestock management.


Orchestrator provides the critical processing capability for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications to provide, consume and process data from devices and other software interfaces.

The foundation for Orchestrator is the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne AIS Server. The AIS Server runs JD Edwards applications in the background, and Orchestrator processes orchestrations saved to the AIS Server to transfer real-time data between EnterpriseOne and third-party applications and devices.

Orchestrator enables companies to transfer that data from devices into actionable business processes in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications. Orchestrations can be put on a scheduler that automatically runs the orchestration on a regular basis, and results can even be sent to your mobile device when you’re on the move.


JDE on Oracle Cloud

Rapid deployment: Get a fully functional system deployed in hours, rather than weeks. 

Greater business agility: Speed up your time to market and decrease the time required to develop new lines of business and integrate new acquisitions into your company.

Better use of resources: Free up your limited IT resources to focus on improving your business, rather than managing the hardware or other infrastructure on a day-to-day basis.

Lower capital expenses: Purchase subscription services to flexibly meet your expected demand and pay as you go and for what you use (measured service).

UX One

UX One is an interface into EnterpriseOne that provides a more intuitive, efficient, and effective way for users to perform their day-to-day tasks. Implemented on the EnterpriseOne home page through the Page Composer, the role-based UX One interface displays information from left to right into categories that follow an 'Alert, Analyze, and Act' paradigm.

You can enhance the UX One experience with the Personalize Form feature and List View grid formats. The Personalize Form feature enables you to rename field labels and hide, resize, and reposition fields and controls in EnterpriseOne applications without the use of the Forms Design Aid developer tool. List View grid formats enable you to remove the clutter from an EnterpriseOne grid and display information in a way that it is compact and easier to find.


Enhanced Advanced Job Forecasting (AJF)

The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Advanced Job Forecasting system can help your organization manage and minimize project cost and scope increases. The system provides project managers with a more accurate overall projected project status by providing more detailed and auditable visibility into the remaining work associated with a job or project.

RST Solutions has enhanced JD Edwards Advanced Job Forecasting (AJF) module to deliver real-time visibility into your organization’s projects, improving response times, accuracy, interactive forecast updates at line level, and an improved user interface.

Additional benefits include faster processing for:

  • Forecast Data Sort 

  • Forecast Account Level of Detail

  • Actual and Forecast Quantity Update at LOD 

  • Method of Computation Z Calculation

  • Summary Totals

  • Refresh Balances

  • Multi-User Functionality and Forecast Status Update

  • Quantity Edits