Mobile PO Approval

Purchase Order Approval 


Give your management a mobile app so they can easily approve orders while they’re on the go.

Whenever you submit a Purchase Order for approval or take similar action, Purchasing uses our tailored Mobile Solutions to streamline processes and create an improved user experience.

Use JD Edwards RST Mobile Force Apps to Expand Your Capabilities

  • This system facilitates various types of orders, such as purchase orders and requisitions.
  • It functions on both iOS and Android devices, including phones and tablets.
  • It displays pending orders for review in chronological order.
  • It provides search and filtering options.
  • Users receive push notifications when new orders require approval.
  • Users can add notes to individual items and access attached order details.
  • Orders can be accepted, rejected, or modified as needed.
  • Full integration with Oracle’s JD Edwards system is available.
  • Secure communication with JD Edwards is possible via VPN without the need for a VPN client on the device.