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Intelligent Data Capture Platform

Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management system accumulates business data from corporate databases, billing and accounting systems, .CSV files or data uploaded manually by employees. Large portions of corporate data are though not there, because they come inside papers, email attachments, scans and image-only files. With ABBYY FlexiCapture add-on for Laserfiche, they automatically appear in the repository for driving deals, better compliance, faster customer service, and more.

Integration Benefits

Building effective data management

Extract complete and accurate data automatically from all types of data couriers and sources.

Intelligent data capture and self-learning classification technologies inside FlexiCapture enable transparent and cost efficient data automation for the Laserfiche environment.

Growing business on more effective processes

Fast and direct migration of business-ready data to Laserfiche ECM shortens time to decision making, improves predictability and facilitates revenue.

No additional costs on third party localization or verification services: FlexiCapture processes documents in as many as 197 languages.

Custom scenarios & bigger projects

Flexible and customizable, FlexiCapture can handle virtually all document processing scenarios and can be tailored to any company’s workflows and regulations.

Scale up easily to process from 100,000 to more than 1 million of pages a day.


How ABBYY FlexiCapture for Laserfiche works

What ABBYY for Laserfiche does

FlexiCapture for Laserfiche automates the journey of valuable data locked in documents and emails – from arrival to the ECM system – and makes them usable inside corporate workflows.

Text and image content is accurately processed no matter the channel, classified by predefined rules or types (agreements, invoices, etc.), and the key data is extracted directly to Laserfiche repository.