Seamless integration with IFS solutions and an extensive suite of capabilities places IFS Financials at the heart of the business, enabling accurate and timely accounting information for reporting and decision making.

Wherever the key challenges lie in your business, IFS Financials offers the capability and support to present the information you require, when and where you need it most.

In corporate consolidations, project financial control, strategic forecasting, operational performance and global compliance, IFS Financials is supporting customers today for the achievements of tomorrow.

Financial accounting

Integrated ledgers allow for management and audit throughout the accounting cycle, leading to a faster and more accurate close. The same information can be used to drill down to the source and drill up to consolidation positions.

Highly graphical visual dashboards provide each user with a role-based view of salient information, with direct access, where authorized, to system access points.

Automation-ready, information sharing and intelligence capabilities ensures process streamlining no matter what your process configuration, architecture or future requirements.

Management accounting

With multiple ledgers and multiple code parts from a single booking, information for financial decision making is abundant, leaving more time for the management accountant and finance analyst to report performance to the operational decision makers.

One-click, multiple code part consolidations allow the business to be viewed through many lenses including unit, manager, product, project, geography or combinations thereon in.

Direct Microsoft Excel integration allows for ease of reporting and provides the data set in a familiar tool for further analysis.

Project accounting

Starting from pre-contract award, incorporating an end-to-end process, culminating in decommissioning and hand-over, IFS project financial control suite provides a capability built and honed by our extensive industry experience.

Included within the suite are the ten control fundamentals: Risks registers, Insurances, Treasury, Sub-contractor performance, Procurement schedules, cost curves, revenue and milestone billing schedules, cost and income statements, project cash control and statutory compliance for traded revenues and margins.