Partners (Laserfiche)

Powering Enterprise Transformation!

RST provides Laserfiche business solutions and managed services for customers worldwide. We partner with customers to provide business transformation in bridging the gap between the systems that manage structured data (ERPs) and unstructured content captured by (ECMs).


Process Automation

Take control of mission-critical processes across your organizations

Content Services

Take control of mission-critical processes across your organizations

Platform Services

Take control of mission-critical processes across your organizations


Content Services

Laserfiche enables organizations to manage documents, videos, photos and other content.

Document Management

Organize all your organization’s information so you make faster, better, business decisions.


Control all your paper, digital and mobile content with state of the art Laserfiche tools.


Process Automation

Eliminate manual processes with powerful workflows, e-forms and analytics. You handle the business. Laserfiche will handle the process.

Task Management

Manage your mission-critical processes to eliminate spreadsheets, emails and busywork.


Eliminate paper forms and manual approvals for a better user experience.

Reporting & Analytics

Optimize operations by identifying inefficiencies and taking advantage of hidden opportunities.


Platform Services

Support compliance, integrate applications and drive information security across the enterprise.

Records Management

Establish guidelines for organizing your documents to ensure compliance and business continuity for your company.


Capture, organize and automate information in Laserfiche Cloud with industry leading security.



Automate Repetitive Tasks, Integrate Legacy Applications, Improve Data Accuracy

Optimize Automation Across the Enterprise

Easily build and scale automation code-free by recording manual tasks across the screens of third-party applications. Unlock more value from legacy systems by integrating with systems that lack APIs.

Focus on more productive work

Instantly update line-of-business applications with information captured from the screens of third-party websites, spreadsheets, documents or other applications.

Business Process Automation

Standardize repetitive processes, increasing accuracy and facilitating training.

Accelerate Document Review and Approval

Enable simultaneous review and approval by routing documents or electronic forms to multiple users. Easily reassign tasks if someone is out of the office.

Increase Transparency

Use configurable, easy-to-use reports to measure process success. Evaluate employee workloads using dashboards and visualizations.


Document Management System

Bring all of your documents into one place—quickly, easily and securely.

Locate Content Quickly

Find exactly what you’re looking for with robust search functionality. Search for documents by keyword, identifying information, user name, and many other custom search types.

Centralize and Secure Content

Bring together digital files from multiple locations and sources in a unified repository with configurable security. Reduce duplicate or inaccurate documents with version control that keeps all parties on the same page.

Electronic Forms

Eliminate paper forms to provide staff, customers and partners with a better experience

Eliminate Paper Forms

Replace paper forms with easy-to-design web forms that can be embedded on intranets or public websites. Turn multiple paper forms into one dynamic electronic form.

Centralize and Secure Content

Eliminate administrative tasks like manually routing information, filling out forms and following up on approvals. Streamline form processing and review with automated routing and notifications. Enable simultaneous review and approval by routing electronic forms to multiple users.