Human Capital Management

Designed and written into the heart of IFS solutions, IFS Human Capital Management (HCM) is the lifeblood of any organization.

As globalization and technologies constantly change working practices, an integrated and flexible ERP solution that takes advantage of these changes becomes essential.

In strategic sourcing and planning, talent development, time and expenses allocation, performance management, and core HR for global corporations, IFS HCM helps develop people today for the teams of tomorrow.

Insight for better Organization Management

IFS Human Capital Management makes it easier for large enterprises, whether matrix organizations or more traditional, to efficiently tackle the challenges such structures entail. It enables you to mirror even the most complicated organizational relations between companies with the help of matrix structures.

You can design a system of access control that suits your advanced security needs so that you can control employee supervision, data registration, and data access with unprecedented levels of detail, and with greater clarity and ease of use.

Real-Time Reporting

IFS Human Capital Management provides self-service options for employees to directly input data. Time and expense reporting, sick leave and absence management, including plans and absence requests are typical examples of this. Entered information is immediately available not only to the HR department but also to managers, who can respond in real time, with approvals, authorizations, etc. What’s more, both employees and managers can report and approve these routine actions from the device of their choice, even when they’re out of office. The IFS Business Apps range puts the business application into the hands of your employees, saving time and ensuring accurate information.

Talent Management

IFS Human Capital Management enables you to identify, attract and retain the people you need to keep you ahead of the competition. Once hired, employees can be onboarded smoothly, and their entire career can be managed and developed in a single application. All documentation pertaining to an individual (CV, references, courses, certificates and expiry dates, training, etc.) can be accessed directly from the employee’s file. Anyone who is authorized can always access the latest information about your staff.
IFS Human Capital Management also supports your company’s health and safety initiatives. Risk assessment, safety inspections, incident reports and analysis are among the essential information recorded in IFS Human Capital Management, giving you complete insight into how well you comply with legislation and regulations.