Purchase Order Approval using RST Mobile Force Apps

March 14, 2024
Purchase Order Approval using RST Mobile Force Apps

Purchase Order Application allows for seamless purchase order processing.  

As a firm grows, its essential business systems must scale up to meet rising business demands. Manual business solutions lack the flexibility and scalability to meet changing business demands. Progressive businesses want automated business solutions that can adapt to their evolving company requirements. 

Among company systems, the procurement system has a direct impact on organizational spending. The procurement system consists of two major components: purchase order and invoicing order processing. The deployment of buy order software streamlines the organization’s procurement workflow. 

Mobile Application for JD Edwards 

Purchase Order App 

Purchase orders are paperwork submitted to suppliers requesting delivery of an order. The purchase order specifies all of the details of the purchase request, including the order description, number of commodities, PO number, payment terms, conditions, and policies that must be followed. When the seller accepts the PO, it becomes a legally enforceable agreement. 

RSTSolutions’ Purchase Order Approval app offers a simple user experience for seeing, responding to, and acting on purchase orders on mobile, tablet, and online devices. Create POs, manage vendors, track purchases, and simplify the purchasing process to save time and money.  

The app is compatible with all ERPs software’s. 

Key features:  

  • Approve or reject requisitions and purchase orders – View attachments –
  • Export PO details to Excel – Access an analytical dashboard for PO approval.  
  • Upgrade PO Approval Process – Implement Push, Text, and Email Notifications
  • Simplified communication between originator, supplier, and planner. 

 Benefits :

  • Quick approval for purchase orders right away, making work faster. 
  • Gives managers lots of information so they can make better decisions. 
  • You can approve purchase orders on your phone. 
  • Easily approve orders from any phone or tablet, which saves time. 
  • Connects with JDE and ERP systems to make sure approvals happen fast. 
  • Sends reminders on your phone to approve things quickly. 
  • The app looks nice and is easy to use. 
  • Works well on any phone or tablet. 
  • Makes approving orders fun to encourage more people to use it. 

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