Distribution / Manufacturing

June 20, 2022
Distribution / Manufacturing

Headquarters: Pennsylvania

Customer Challenges: The client found itself struggling with its discount special process, which took many man-hours to plan and implement on the company’s portal. The runs were scheduled as far as 1 month in advance, took at least 12 hours to run and could only be run on the weekends. Updating the website with the specials would require over 12 hours in order to list the special discounts. Employees would work weekends and overtime to run the process. Listing last minute discount deals was difficult to put into place and would mean that food could near it’s expiration date by the time the special discount was listed on the website.

About the Customer: Our Client is a foods distributor for a variety of retail outlets based out of Myerstown, PA. It manufactures food in bulk, including candy, chocolates, nuts, dried fruit, baking supplies, packaging supplies and specialty items like organic and gluten free foods. The client delivers products to 29 states using its own fleet of local and long distance trucks. This business prides itself on delivering high quality products at a good value and building long lasting relationships with their clients.

Solutions: RST analyzed the Client’s environment and found inefficiencies in the database update process, including the fact that each time a special was run the entire database was updated to the portal. By changing processes looking at logs, inclusion rules and creating category codes RST was able to drastically reduce the processing time. The RST team set up new parameters to satisfy the business objective and created new category codes that made the database easier to manipulate. RST then took the data stamp from the last 24 hours and updated the portal price to only pick up the new changes. The entire process was reduced from a month in advance planning and 12 hours of run time to the ability to plan the same day and run the process in under 30 minutes. RST Factored various pricing driver changes- cost, customer, cat codes, contracts and generate accurate pricing for the Clients. As well as, provided a scalable platform to store prices and interface the same to various B2C and B2B systems including cloud driven solutions. For more information email info@rstsolutions.com.