Manufacturing, Automotive

June 20, 2022
Manufacturing, Automotive

Headquarters: Michigan

Services Provided: Entire Technical Development for North American Implementation. Including Data Conversion, Interface, Enhancements, and Customer Facing document development. As well as P2P and Inventory implementation expertise. Integrations: ADP Integration – Labor payroll solution and AP Bank Reconciliation

About the Customer: Global designer and manufacturer of highly engineered electrical and electronic components, modules, and systems for the commercial vehicle, automotive, off-highway and agricultural vehicle markets. Their products and systems are critical elements in the management of mechanical and electrical systems to improve overall vehicle performance, convenience and monitoring in areas such as emissions control, fuel efficiency, safety, and security.

Customer Challenges:

  • Project Planning
  • Requirement gathering and User Acceptance
  • Display decimal for Quantity field
  • Physical Inventory Count


  • Implemented Supplier Release Scheduling – Allows the Company to produce a requirements schedule for a vendor that takes into account the Supply and Demand sides of the business and any Customer Forecasted Demand to provide the Supplier with a list of items and quantities and delivery dates to the Company.
  • It was interfaced with the Supplier Self-Service Portal to allow the supplier direct access to orders and requirements and provide feedback on a real-time basis.
  • Developed strategy and performed a successful data conversion with only one development resource for all the conversion.
  • Executed all development of the customer-facing documents. Specialized in printing on the blank check stock with the signature.
  • QTYINV display decimal issue. This implementation was done with QTYINV with 0 decimal. Will need to change the QTYINV to 4 digits after go-live.
  • Created several custom programs to facilitate physical count inventory to satisfy the customer’s physical inventory count requirement.