June 20, 2022

Headquarters: Pennsylvania

Customer Challenges: The Client saw growth potential and in order to do that it saw a need to become a publicly traded company. Due to the restrictions of going public and the need to have predictable revenue, the Client needed an efficient way of tracking its multiple data flows and business processes. It could no longer afford to solely rely on home-grown applications, SQL database and Excel sheets.

About the Customer: Our Client is a customer-focused company, delivering an extensive portfolio of injectable products and fulfilling the evolving needs of the patients we serve through our unique network of global resources.

Solutions: Going public brings many pressures with it, including the need for better business predictability, being able to provide detailed financial disclosures to investors and being ready for accounting audits, among other things. Our team of highly skilled functional and technical experts recommended consolidating all business processes in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution in order to tackle all the Clients business goals including visibility, improved reporting and planning, and improved efficiency. Our team then implemented the JD Edwards Manufacturing, Finance and Distribution modules to be conducive to a smooth business process flow. This ERP included integration of processes such as supply chain, products, manufacturing process, customer and vendors. Lot control, batch control and serialization features, which are mandatory for pharmaceutical companies, were also implemented to keep the Client in compliance with regulatory standards. With the JD Edwards ERP, the Client was able to go public and realized increased efficiencies in their business processes. Since implementing the ERP in 2014, the Client has set itself up to acquire two businesses and to realize continued growth in the pharmaceutical space. RST Solutions experts have been able to help the Clients acquisitions to integrate into JD Edwards ERP and have a continuous and smooth process flow.