The seven automation and AI trends to know (and act on) right now

February 5, 2024
The seven automation and AI trends to know (and act on) right now

Get ready, 2024 is about to be a wild ride! Two game-changing forces, automation and AI, are teaming up to unlock incredible possibilities for anyone who’s ready to grab them. Buckle up, because I’m bursting with excitement about what’s coming. 

Think of it like this: imagine AI as the brainy inventor with mind-blowing ideas but needing a helpful sidekick to turn them into reality. That’s where automation comes in, making AI’s inventions work smoothly and quickly. And 2024 is the year this dynamic duo hits overdrive. 

Here are 7 mind-blowing trends to watch out for: 

  • The C-suite seizes AI’s value—with automation’s help: Executives now see AI as a potent tool, not just a buzzword. Automation acts as the execution catalyst, helping companies turn AI promises into tangible business benefits. Look for robots tackling paperwork, emails, and even optimizing workflows!
  • Select AI + automation use cases get hot, hot, hot: Specific AI + automation solutions with proven track records of delivering significant, immediate, and lasting value will flourish. Intelligent document processing (IDP) leads the charge, but stay tuned for the rise of communications mining, process and task mining, and automated testing.
  • The transparent organization comes into focus—end-to-end: Leading organizations will leverage AI-powered process and task mining to continuously “scan” their operations. This deep visibility into workflows and tasks allows them to pinpoint bottlenecks, eliminate inefficiencies, and maintain peak performance. Imagine seeing exactly how everything works in your company, like looking inside with an X-ray machine!
  • LLMs power virtual BFFs: Get ready for a new class of virtual desktop assistants! These “copilots” understand your plain language requests and proactively handle your tasks, becoming your indispensable sidekick. By year’s end, millions of knowledge workers may find themselves wondering how they ever managed without their AI buddy.
  • There’s a new jolt of “auto” in automation: AI is about to dramatically empower machines, freeing up human time and energy. Generative AI and natural language processing (NLP) can now auto-create portions of automations and tests, boosting both quality and speed. Expect AI to take over much of the manual work in model training as well, and even witness the emergence of self-healing software robots!
  • Safe AI becomes a focus of action—and innovation: 2023 highlighted the potential risks of AI, such as security breaches and bias. But 2024 will be about action and innovation! Organizations will implement robust governance, design secure AI systems, and partner with responsible AI practitioners. Governments will join the fray with new regulations to ensure AI benefits everyone. 
  • Redefining Work with AI: AI is a transformative force that will reshape the world of work, demanding new skills and ways of thinking. While this evolution will take time, exciting thought leadership and real-world experiments are anticipated in 2024. 

This year promises to be a defining one for automation and AI. Embrace the opportunities, adapt to the changes, and let’s make 2024 a year of record-breaking progress! Remember, the power to harness this technology’s potential lies in our hands. Let’s use it wisely and collectively forge a brighter future. 

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