Unlock New Possibilities with JD Edwards Release 24

January 15, 2024
Unlock New Possibilities with JD Edwards Release 24

Oracle introduced JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 24,, representing a significant advancement with application and tools enhancements, showcasing the commitment to empowering businesses with a resilient and adaptable platform. Packed with automation features, enhanced reporting tools, and optimizations for smoother operations and user experiences, Release 24 aligns seamlessly with the evolving needs of modern enterprises.

Aligned with the 9.2 continuous code line, these upgrades unfold gradually, allowing businesses to integrate Release 24 tools based on their specific needs without the complexity and cost associated with major upgrades. This Digital ERP release is strategically crafted to simplify, enhance, and transform business processes, reflecting Oracle’s enduring dedication to assisting customers in their digital transformations.

Explore the Latest Features of JD Edwards E1 Release 24:

Applications Enhancements


  • Enterprise Automation: Requisition to Receipt 
  • Standalone Check Price in Procurement 
  • Avoid Opening Requisition Order When Purchase Order Line is Canceled During Receipt 
  • Volume Based Buying Recommendations in Procurement

JD Edwards Release 24 brings notable enhancements to procurement processes. Enterprise Automation introduces a visual process flow model for requisition to receipt, utilizing watchlists for data visibility and efficient decision-making.

The Standalone Check Price feature in Advanced Pricing allows customers to review line-level adjustments independently, providing flexibility in pricing decisions before creating a Purchase Order.

Another update prevents the reopening of requisition orders when canceling a purchase order line, offering enhanced flexibility in the receipt process.

Moreover, the Advanced Pricing system now automatically notifies users of volume-based buying opportunities during purchase order entry, optimizing the purchasing process and resulting in increased savings.


  • Automated Safety Stock Population 
  • Allow Inventory Locations to be Put On Hold 

JD Edwards Release 24 introduces automated safety stock population, streamlining inventory planning by eliminating the manual maintenance of safety stock values. This feature ensures enhanced protection against unexpected supply or demand fluctuations.

Additionally, the update allows for more efficient and flexible inventory management by introducing a Location Hold field in the Location Master. This field dictates transaction types, taking precedence over Lot Status in the Item Location table, simplifying processes and eliminating the need for constant updates to individual item/lot/location records. 


  • Enterprise Automation: Shipment to Dispatch 

JD Edwards introduces Enterprise Automation for logistics, streamlining the shipment-to-dispatch process. Utilizing pages and watchlists, this feature enhances visibility at each step, enabling links to detailed process flows and uncovering efficiencies in the entire logistics process. 


  • Automatic Service or Equipment Work Order Routing Attachment Through ETO Project Workbench 
  • OCI AI/ML Accelerator for JD Edwards 

JD Edwards introduces a time-saving enhancement, automating the attachment of Service or Equipment Work Order routings when created through the ETO Project Workbench. This eliminates additional user steps, streamlining the process. 

Additionally, JD Edwards customers can now utilize the OCI AI/ML Accelerator to address business challenges. This accelerator jump-starts AI/ML implementation, helping identify patterns and correlations for improved decision-making. 


  • Ability to View Details of Vouchers Associated with Purchase Orders from Account Ledger Program 
  • Flexibility in Defining Default Document Type for Journal Entry 
  • View Joint Venture Parent BU in Business Units and Job Master Applications 
  • Improved Asset Cost Analysis 

JD Edwards enhances the Account Ledger program, allowing users to drill down to voucher details associated with purchase orders and facilitating voucher match reversal. This reduces the time needed for viewing voucher details directly from the account ledger. 

Additionally, the Journal Entry program receives an upgrade with a new processing option, offering users increased flexibility in defining default document types for Journal entries. 

Moreover, the inclusion of Joint Venture Parent Business Unit in Business Units and Job Master applications improves user experience by providing a consolidated view of Joint Venture-related Business Units. 

Finally, JD Edwards introduces a new program for Asset and Maintenance cost review, ensuring users have access to improved and accurate data for enhanced asset cost analysis. 

Grower/Blend Management 

  • Blend Lot Trace/Track Auditing 

JD Edwards unveils Simplified Auditing for Blend Management, empowering customers to generate timely audit reports. This enhancement ensures accurate data capture, eliminates ambiguity in reports, and demonstrates compliance throughout the audit trail, enhancing overall auditing efficiency. 

Capital Asset Management 

  • Usability Enhancements for Resource Assignments 

JD Edwards streamlines resource and crew assignment processes, enhancing user experience and work scheduling. The upgrades offer efficient data access, customizable tables, and time-saving features for resource managers, including updating work order start dates and removing assignments for canceled orders, optimizing resource management. 

Environmental, Social, and Governance 

  • JD Edwards Statement of Direction for Sustainability Framework 

JD Edwards is dedicated to the Sustainability Framework, aligning with ESG principles. The Statement of Direction outlines a roadmap to simplify data collection for crucial environmental factors, aiding businesses in adopting sustainable practices. 

Legislative, Regulatory and Localizations 

  • France 
  • Peru 
  • Argentina 

JD Edwards introduces a new French VAT Report for both “Services” and “Goods,” providing a versatile solution for printing VAT in France. For Peru, compliance with SUNAT Tax Authority is enhanced with a new VAT Purchasing Tax File.

In Argentina, modifications in the EnterpriseOne system align with RG715 for VAT, incorporating an option in outbound programs to include or exclude ICMS in PIS/COFINS, meeting AFIP specifications. 

Tools Enhancements 

Digital Transformation 

  • Workflow Monitor 
  • Task Tracking 
  • Notification Reminders 
  • Output Stream Access for Orchestrations 
  • User-Defined Delimiter for Orchestrator Output to CSV 
  • Prebuilt Workflow Data Structures 

JD Edwards introduces a modernized Workflow Monitor, streamlining the traditional Workflow Process Monitor for quick insights into smooth processes or early awareness of workflow issues by administrators and authorized process owners. 

In addition, JD Edwards enhances task management with Task Tracking, allowing users to set due dates, update task statuses, and perform historical analysis. Notification Reminders facilitate the prioritization of time-sensitive tasks by enabling users to set reminders and manage notifications easily. 

For enhanced automation, Output Stream Access for Orchestrations enables the Orchestrator Report step to generate OSA output, providing a wide array of capabilities for process automation. Users can also customize CSV file outputs in Orchestrations with the User-Defined Delimiter feature. 

Furthermore, the introduction of Prebuilt Workflow Data Structures simplifies the creation of new workflows by offering ready-to-use data structures, a generic approval process, and message templates, providing a quick start for designers. 

 System Automation  

  • JDE Update Manager – Applications Update (UN) Support Through Web Client 
  • JDE Update Manager – Batch Update Through Web Client 
  • JDE Update Manager – Impact Analysis Dashboard 
  • JDE Update Manager – Webify UDC & Glossary Compare/Merge Utility 
  • Tools Rollup ESU Automated Special Instructions Replacement for Web Deployment 
  • Server Manager – Centralized Configuration for Enterprise and Integration Servers 
  • Web OMW – Business View Design Tool 
  • Web OMW – Object Promote to Package 
  • Simplified Management of User Logging 

JDE Update Manager introduces web-based support for Application Software Updates, enabling seamless installation and automation. Batch updates streamline the process, maintaining code currency. The Impact Analysis Dashboard provides a visual representation of updated objects and processes for informed patching decisions. 

Webify UDC & Glossary Compare/Merge Utility simplifies the update process by allowing users to compare existing values with proposed changes. Automated Tools Release Configuration replaces ASI for Tools Rollup ESU, leveraging JD Edwards application interface for automation. 

Server Manager now centrally configures Enterprise and Integration Servers, simplifying settings management. The Web OMW – Business View Design Tool enhances collaboration between developers and analysts. Object Promote to Package allows direct promotion without package build for primary specification objects. 

Simplified Management of User Logging streamlines user-level logging across instances, enhancing debugging efforts. 


  • Server Manager REST API for TLS Configuration Automation 
  • Support for LDAP Over SSL Using 2048-bit Certificate 

The Server Manager introduces a REST API for TLS Configuration Automation, offering external APIs to automate secure configuration between the Server Manager Console and its managing Agents.

Additionally, users can now benefit from enhanced security with the support for LDAP over SSL using 2048-bit certificates, ensuring improved security and compliance for LDAP communication. 


  • Support for Automatic and Manual Scaling for Autonomous Database 
  • Platform Certifications 

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne now supports automatic and manual scaling for Oracle Autonomous Database users, ensuring optimal performance and resource flexibility.

The platform certifications include the latest versions of key components, guaranteeing a well-supported technology stack for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne deployments. 

Note : Release 24 innovation is delivered in Tools 9.2. which supports Applications 9.2 and is only available for 64-bit Tools Foundation. 


 Read detailed release on : Release 24: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 (oracle.com) 


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