Any successful construction company knows how critical it is to rightly manage vendors, timelines, and project costs especially when the projects involve huge capital and a lot of stakeholders. Our team at RST solutions understand the importance of gaining efficiencies and getting real time visibility for successful execution of projects.

With the solutions we provide you can have a complete visibility of planning and scheduling till completion of the project in real time to enhance decision making. View project budget, forecast, and actual amounts-in to manage project costs, with built-in integration to drill down to the source transaction.

  • Optimize Equipment Performance: Get complete visibility into your assets that enables you to make financial and operational decisions that optimize equipment performance.
  • Reduce Labor and Material Costs: Complete visibility into the labor and parts needed for maintenance so that you are better able to reduce costs associated with overtime and excess spare parts inventories.
  • Minimize Unplanned Downtime: Monitor repair history to determine patterns of equipment wear so that replacement of parts or overhauls can be scheduled to avoid equipment failure.
  • UX One Roles for Capital Asset Management: Asset Managers, Operations Managers, Maintenance Managers, Maintenance Schedulers, Maintenance Supervisors, and Maintenance Technicians can access UX One role-based pages to easily access, review, and act upon important information to manage the capital assets, thereby maximizing the return on them and reducing the associated costs.