Oil and Gas

With global Oil and gas industry experiencing fluctuations and increasing number of regulatory compliances in place it has become paramount to focus on managing things right, be it projects, manpower, equipment, or financials to attain efficiencies and reduce risks.

RST Solutions can help you in aligning your goals by providing the customized solutions as per your needs. For instance, get high-value reports to help keep your maintenance operation on track. Reports include preventive maintenance analysis, work order analysis, equipment status analysis, equipment location analysis and equipment expiring/expired licenses and permits. Improve bottom line performance for equipment through detailed and summarized reports.

Efficiently manage complex projects with RST solution’s custom-built solutions for the Energy industry. Among the JD Edwards features that are designed especially for the Oil & Gas Industry, are:

  • Integrated Operations
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Asset Maintenance and Reliability
  • Capital Project Management
  • Asset-Driven Supply Chain
  • Financial Management and Control
  • Human Resources and Talent Management