Spending on exploration for new mines has decreased over the past five years, and that trend is set to continue. The Total Stockholder Returns (TSR) in the mining sector have dropped steadily since 2011. According to a study by Deloitte, global mining stocks performed considerably worse than the global stock index. To combat this, digital transformation with the help of right solutions partner that understands the functions and helps with digital transformations at different levels, from exploration to chain cooperation and staff health and safety is the need of the hour.

With custom solutions from RST Solutions get enhanced extraction, production, and supply chain, while accomplishing environmental, health and safety compliances. Integrate your production, commercial, and support processes to get organization wide planning, execution, and reporting.

  • Integrated Operations
  • Asset Lifecycle
  • Drive Efficient Planning and Procurement
  • Maximize Asset Utilization
  • Optimize Manufacturing
  • Accelerate Product Development
  • Industry Solutions
  • Create A Responsive Enterprise Infrastructure